Spin-X Engine Community

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Engine Developers

Below is the list of developers who are actively participating in engine development.

Jarkko Lempiäinen

Project Lead

After working several years at Futuremark, Jarkko started his game developer career at Treyarch/Activision back in 2002. One and half years later it was time to move on to work for Ubisoft, Montreal on Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory as Lead Graphics Programmer. Once the project was completed Jarkko moved to work on Assassin’s Creed for preproduction and continued his journey to Codemasters, UK to help with graphics technology development for Colin McRae: Dirt. Late 2006 Jarkko got an opportunity to co-found Recoil Games in Finland with several game industry veterans and worked in the company as Technical Director before founding Profoundic Technologies, Inc. in November 2008.

Engine Contributors

Listed below are people who have contributed to the engine development.

Christophe Riccio, Shimon Shvartsbroit, Sampsa Lehtonen, Jason Brower, Jori Vuori