Profoundic Technologies, Inc. Spin-X Engine Genie is an Open Source 3D game engine project created by Profoundic Technologies, Inc. that's being carefully crafted from the ground up to provide a high-quality C++ game technology framework and production pipeline for game developers. We wish to build an active community for the project in order to further improve the quality of the engine and speed up the development.

Target Platforms

The main development platform of the engine is currently 64-bit Windows 7, Visual Studio 2008 and DirectX 9, with a plan to migrate to DirectX 11 in the near future. The engine is being developed with portability in mind so that we can support other platforms such as game consoles as well.


GNU General Public License The engine is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3), effectively meaning that any project utilizing Spin-X Engine as part or as a whole must include complete source code of the project as part of any public distribution. For closed source developers, we are planning to provide proprietary licenses, but currently such licensing option is not available.

Engine Development

SourceForge.net The project is under constant development and is hosted by SourceForge, which enables collaborative development of the engine over the internet. From the Spin-X Engine project page you can access the Subversion repository for the engine source code. Spin-X Engine Community serves as a source for Spin Genie support and resources. If you are interested in contributing to the engine development, please email us!


For further questions about the engine, please email to contact@spinxengine.com